Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Where's Kelvin

After 5 great days at Mammoth Lakes i'm off tomorrow, not really sure where next (have to be in SF on the 6th for the race on the 7th so inclined to go back through Yosemite and stay somewhere near the valley there but with July 4 holiday may be easier said than done). So not being confident of email access i should summarise the last two days. Couldn't think of a better way to spend my time, two brilliant days exploring the wilderness near Mammoth Mountain (elevation 11,053 feet well and truly at home at altitude now). By night i've been Number 1 Aussie fan (okay probably the only Aussie to have seen them - beware i now have a personally autographed CD) for the R & B band 'Shari Puorto & the Rhythm Addicts' www.bluesrockmusic.com a couple of great gigs at the ski village (5 minutes walk away - only sad note the Stones tribute band Hot Rocks are there in 2 weeks - do i really need to head back ?). Thankfully tonight was an early gig (finishing at 8 as there was also a kids talent contest) so after a yarn with the band (heading back to LA) and the local fill in guitarist Howie (would you believe an Ultra runner doing Leadville?) an early night and a good chance to update my blog (just how can there be 40 tv channels and nothing to watch ??).

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