Sunday, 1 July 2007


Original plan, after discussions with the locals on Tuesday, had been to stay at Groveland (nearest town to the national park) but the weekend and Independence Day meant places were twice as dear as listed so i'd booked at Mammoth Lakes on the other side. $20 for a 7 day park pass was good value, and then i felt even more at home - bushfires !. They were doing a backburn in one section meaning they were directing us around fires. Glorious scenery everywhere the only downside being the number of tourists the main parking area being full. Ended up parking along the road and walking back to the info centre, an hour or so there and i thought a short bushwalk was in order. Track lead to the base of Yosemite Falls an incredible drop of 2,425 feet. Long climb in the car out along Tioga Rd will post pictures on my return as words can't do it justice simply 3,000 metre mountains with lakes ! . Eventually hit Hwy I 395 meaning 30 miles to my destination, great view of Lake Mono (around 120 miles north to Reno & 350 south to LA). Get to Mammoth Lakes (at 8,500 feet a very large ski village with a population of 7,000) just in time for the petrol indicator to come on but still its only 352.9 per gallon as opposed to 450 in the park. Notice that all California servos are prepay !. Check in at Sierra Lodge great room with an incredible view now to find something to cook in the microwave.

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