Monday, 9 July 2007

I went for a short walk after breakfast !

Above is probably one of the great understatements. Was looking forward to a nice easy day and a drive down to Point Reyes, but thought (being only 9:30) that i'd check out over the freeway and the actual town of Mill Valley. Beautiful town (full of what appeared to be very expensive houses and apartments) all based around a lake. In the distance was a very tempting mountain peak, further i walked closer i got. The actual village reminded me of Lane Cove with bush trails and a country feel. Reach the end of Blithdale St and see a track labelled "Blithdale Summit" so assume that's my peak. As i climb (typically clear and sunny everywhere bar SF itself) i realise that peak is actually another but thankfully when i hit the top i see a track across. Eventually after 4 hours i hit the top (no cap, no water, no sunglasses remember it was only a stroll - so thankful i bothered to take my wallet), luckily there is also a real road up and a car park, visitor centre and most importantly a kiosk. Two gatorades (didn't touch the sides) and i was ready to discover Mt Tamalpais (2,571 feet), incredible views everywhere (bar SF) as well as being a railroad from 1896 to 1930 and turkey buzzards soaring above. Had a few long yarns at the peak (including Stan who's ambition is WS100 2010). After another gatorade i was ready to follow the old railway trail back down. More great trails and views and then on to the intriguing West Point Inn. Finally i hit Muir Woods home of giant Sequioas, very handy as it meant i could look at a map at the info centre there. Now i knew i was 6 miles by road from home. A mile along saw a firetrail looking to head the right way (was not enjoying the busy, skinny sealed road made even worse by the fog rolling in), bad idea as 30 minutes later it came to a dead end. Now i wondered whether i'd be home before dark. Back up and then a very skinny, busy road plunging into the Valley. Finally into town and my first deer sighting (outside Safeway in the main street), finally home at 8 !, exhausted.

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