Tuesday, 10 July 2007

It's almost over (shame i feel so Californian)

Up this morning with a slightly heavy heart, reckon slowly i'd began to feel like a local and today would be my last move before Australia. Couldn't resist taking the drive i'd planned yesterday (or part thereof), typically foggy start but really wanted to get to Stinson Beach. First stop was the campground "Deep Ravine" or some similar name full of great rustic cabins (note to self would love to stay there some time), with Turkey Buzzards soaring overhead. Lovely beach at Stinsons with grey sand (as opposed to our golden sands), very interesting "beach houses" - wait for the pictures - prospects of decent surf (according to locals the surf is often good), but still only 60 degrees would love to be there on a sunny day. Back via Muirs Beach (pretty much the beach below yesterdays Muirs Woods). Then the non eagerly awaited drive back across Golden Gate Bridge to SF. $5 toll but got across surprisingly easy. I'd booked the airport Travelodge with the plan of dropping of my luggage then the car at the airport (and taking the free hotel shuttle tomorrow). Theory good, practice not so, spent 30 minutes getting on the right side of the airport for the exit (don't ever say South Airport Boulevarde to me!), finally checked in and then off to return the car. Found i'd done 1,276 miles (i drove 6 of the 10 days i had it), but of course nothing is that easy was only 2 miles from the hotel but nowhere for us pedestrians to walk back. Logic said take the train to South San Francisco, good idea but nothing familiar so a 2 hour walk till i finally sighted the hotel sign (at least i'd found a Safeway to get stuff for dinner apples & peaches at $0.99 a pound, bread rolls to go with my almost endless supply of sliced meat and a cold beer - can't believe only $1.09 for a 24 oz can of Bud). Now back and having a relaxed dinner, pretty close now to the end of this blog except i will add pictures on my return. Shame there is no internet, haven't had access since Auburn.

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