Saturday, 30 June 2007

Hit the road Kel!

Yet another night with minimal sleep, spent most of the time till 3 coughing (can't believe one cold can last this long must be something about me & American air). Headed down to Hertz to pick up a car, suppose i was a little disappointed the cheapest one was a Toyota Corolla (was looking forward to a flash US made one they do make good looking vehicles), still as long as it gets me there. Hopped on the hotel internet as i thought i'd better make some bookings for the next couple of days. Pretty easy plans Hwy 49 all the way to Yosemite, driving on the 'wrong' side of the road was surprisingly natural. Lunch of chili dog & shake at a real Diner at San Andreas reminded me just how warm it was (96 degrees). Wouldn't be the same without one navigational error which i didn't realise till i was 20 miles out of my way meaning peak hour through downtown Merced, thankfully by 6 i'd hit Mariposa (40 miles from Yosemite) where i'd booked a room. Fascinating old town with massive mountains in the distance (something to look forward to the next day), shame the motel pool was condemned as still well over 90!. Been a great day, the countryside (in the grip of a drought) very reminiscent of home but higher and without gumtrees). Even managed a better nights sleep (so tired that my cold and the drone of air conditioning couldn't stop me sleeping), certainly i needed it as a big Thursday was planned.

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