Thursday, 22 May 2008

BAR Shoe Road Test

Before anyone misinterprets the title of this post, no i haven't hopped back onto the booze when injured, i'm actually talking about the shoes i recieved from the Badwater Sponsors (and not having a keyboard that has German "Umlauts" can't get the name right).
Firstly the shoes fitted (real strange, i'm quite sure that nowhere in the Badwater Application did they ask shoe size) so i decided that being relatively not stiff (a couple of painkillers last night seemed to do the trick and neck and knee felt reasonable on waking) it was a good chance to try the shoes.
I'll admit that they are a little heavier than i'm used to (ie Racing Flats and Nike Frees), but otherwise pretty good, comfortable on both feet (always an issue with my right being a size bigger than my left) and did an easy 26K's (following the Gold Coast 100KM Course), doubt i'd use them in marathons and other short stuff but quite possibly they may be the way to go for Badwater, certainly i'll give them a few more runs before heading over.

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Ian said...

Kelvin: That is a great idea of BAR to send out those shoes to all runners. I'd be scared that they guessed your shoe size though !! Looking forward to seeing them at Badwater. Cheers Ian