Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Tally Valley Today, Death Valley in 7 weeks time, will i notice a difference ????

Recovered well from Sundays race with an easy 10K's on Monday along the coast, knew i'd get a chance for a long run today and thought it was worthwile just to see how the body had recovered. Decided i'd find out just where Trees Road got to (and decided that doing it in reverse was much more tempting than going up that hill i'd turned back at last week - later found it was a 22 degree slope !!).
No running through Fleays Nature Trails today as there was a sign they were shut for trail maintenance (at least they told us at the start this time, back when they were working on them January you only ever found out when you got to taped over tracks at the end !!), so looked like it'd all be road this time.
Found that Syndicate Rd was only a further K along Tallebudgera Creek Rd than when i'd run that really bad Sunday last month and turned back, great winding road actually the perfect training for Mansfield to Mt Buller (except nothing like the altitude) and eventually up to Trees Rd (apparently it goes on a few more K's and dies in the middle of nowhere), another mile of uphill and then the extremely steep section (road sign says 22 degree slope and to apply brakes), for my own sake will have to do this in reverse sometime as this was brilliant just down and down for a mile or so (funny enough saw a runner with a camelbak on the way up but she was too breathless to reply to my gidday), from then on rolling hills and was beginning to feel a little stiff (still the neck and it giving grief to my opposing knee) so decided i'd take the easy way in, via Kornhauser Park and 19th Ave basically all flat. 2 Hours 56 Minutes, pretty happy with that for 31K's two days after an Ultra but stiffening up further as i type, think i'll wait another day before entering the Warwick Half.

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