Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Injury Update

Just back from the chiropractor, get the feeling yesterdays good hit out did me way more harm than good, not only was the neck very ordinary but as briefly noted yesterday the left knee was also affected by this (sounds strange but believe me i know what parts of my body are connected together now !).
Fair bit of manipulation on the neck and mid back but i know with this stuff it's really not until the next day that i know just how it's all gone.
I'll see him again on Monday, but it's making Warwick look more unlikely i fear, just hope i wake up tomorrow morning and it's all gone.
Was reminded of Badwater when i find a UPS Parcel at my front door BAR Shoes from the race sponsor, i've no idea how they have guessed the sizes (and fear they may be a size or so small - the box says 12), considering the wrapping and plastic around the box will confirm this later, for now it's a nice glass of red and a chance to put my feet up.

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