Wednesday, 14 May 2008

On the road again

Two days to recover from the Coffs 50 Miler seemed to show i'm slowly getting back to my old indestructible self (it's taken 6 months so far), so a longish run was in order. Personally i can never be bothered doing a long run in the rain on purpose, but when you're 20K's into it and the heavens suddenly open up there's not alot of choice. Typical Gold Coast Tropical style storm brought very heavy rain and lightening, but within 30 minutes after being totally soaked was dry again was actually quite refreshing. An area i've run in a little but mostly ignored simply because ultimately all the roads lead nowhere, other than Trees Road, and unfortunately Trees Road goes off at such an angle that i refused to believe i wasn't still on it (until i got home and read my street map).
So i have a bone to pick with Trees Road and have the feeling that next long run (sometime after Glasshouse - still tossing up between 50K & 50 Miler there - on Sunday), will follow it the whole way through, actually had almost made it as far as the through section (Ducats Rd becomes Syndicate Road and ultimately hits Tally Creek Rd) when a combination of rain getting even heavier and a very steep ascent seemingly going for miles in front of me, made me decide that i'd done enough for the day. Think the rain assisted on the long run good as despite spending 2:50 out there was quite fresh on the return home (get the feeling the rain was rather localised my two transplanted rather poorly looking trees didn't appear to have received a drop !!).
Bring on Glasshouse !

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