Friday, 30 May 2008

A bit of rock to go with the running

Nothing too exciting to report training wise, since the chiropractor visit on Monday i've twice done a lap of the Gold Coast 100 course, not sure if knowing it intimately will be a help or a hindrance, but on the other hand realise that it's not a real good idea to run harder courses and flatten myself beforehand.
Wednesday Night was the Australian Premiere of the Rolling Stones Movie "Shine A Light" (preview above), really incredible film, probably the only time i'll ever get front row at a Stones Concert, was surprised just how few people were there though (it's only released in a very limited number of cinemas), and there were only 40 odd in this large cinema !!, that certainly didn't stop me enjoying it though !!.
Last night was the beginning our local Blues Festival "Blues on Broadbeach", unfortunately it seemed to bring the shocking weather, with torrential rain last night, with only one stage last night everyone was thankful the "sunsails" are waterproof as well, not sure about the three stage set up tonight though.
Some genuine Aussie legends played last night Dutch Tilders and Phil Manning, great sets from both of them and they are still as good as ever, others of note were former Angels and Screaming Jets Guitarist Jimi Hocking (playing a Blues Mandolin - looked like the rain had shrunk his guitar !!) playing a set with violinist Heather Stewart, American Doc Span playing some great Harmonica and local Mason Rack, a performer i've seen a number of times on the Coast, with a great voice and killer guitar, all backed up by another local band Blind Lemon (pictures above).
Looking forward to another big night tonight, particularly Kevin Borich and the Bondi Cigars, just got to make sure i don't do anything too silly on the dance floor :-)

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