Friday, 16 May 2008

Better make it a 50

One more long run for the week and i now knew i was in pretty decent shape, still the question is would i be doing 50 Miles or 50 K's at the Glasshouse Mountains?.
Eventually decided to do 50K's, more because it starts at a normal racing time (6AM) rather than the 50 Milers 3AM start, i admit i don't mind running in the dark but i much prefer doing it after working into it from daylight rather than the other way around. Certainly had less than fond memories of the first hour of the 55K Hares and Hounds race back in January where i was essentially just following the people in front until daylight broke, basically if i want to race this thing (rather than just run it) 3 and a bit hours of following people isn't a good way to start.
Certainly a big weekend for Ultras in Australia with the first running of The North Face 100KM in the Blue Mountains (great area, but have spent lot's of time there around this time of year over the years freezing in the bush sounds closer to the truth !!), and the 4th running of the Great Ocean Road Marathon (45KM) yet another streak i've broken this year (having run the first 3) probably the best Australian Road Marathon scenery and course wise with the only thing to detract from it being that extra 3 odd K's !!.

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