Friday, 18 July 2008

Badwater - The short version Part 1

I know now that every reader (both of you :-)) is now ready for a race
report. Eventually there will be a long one but being overseas could
mean a long wait as each 512 character email takes 40 minutes to type
and to be honest as im now on holidays until Trans Gaule computers
arent a high priority!. So in short up at 3am for an early shower and
the crew & i were off by 5 for the 5:30 check in & 6am group start.
Ultimately finished 33rd in 40:23 & finished first of the 6AM starters
(i did tip 40 to many).


Improved, now with pictures:
With Race Director Chris Kostman
With my crew (i couldn't have done it without them):
Matt Mundy, Steve Hanes, me !!, Steve Ochoa, Ian Stevens

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