Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Earth moves but i still run

Yesterday was interesting, LA had an earthquake, nothing major (5.4 on the richter scale), but still a bit of a shock. One moment i was sitting with a cup of coffee and then it moved (possibly a reaction to my dislike of American Coffee just haven't got my taste buds accustomed to it ???), then a little aftershock and then emergency vehicles charging madly down the Pacific Coast Hwy, all a bit disconcerting.
Decided it would be a good day to hop on a bike so followed the beach bike paths to Will Rogers Beach and then took my life in my hands on Hwy 1 to Malibu, can't say the beaches past LAX are in the same league as Hermosa, Redondo and Manhattan Beaches as they are much skinnier (and i'd hate to be buying real estate looks like the whole thing will slip into the sea).
Saw them filming Terminator 4 near Venice Beach, interesting to see the completed movie !!.
Overall about 60 Miles on the bike, think my body would have preferred running !!!

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Jaykay said...

So did you get to shake hands with Arnie?