Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Probably out of internet access for a bit

Have been slowly writing a Badwater report (on paper) and will eventually commit it to cyberspace when i get a chance (that may be late September ??), life's been good in the meantime and i've been chilling out down at Hermosa Beach and finally the body seems to have come back together and the last two mornings have seen me do two 10 mile runs (going out along the woodchip "Veterans Pathway" and back via the beach path) the last two mornings. Thankfully the feet feel pretty good although i've recently googled up this stuff on the metatarsal:
" The main symptom of metatarsalgia is pain in the ball of your foot — the part of the sole just behind your toes. The pain may be sharp, aching or burning. You may feel it in the area around the second, third and fourth toes or only near your big toe.

Other symptoms of metatarsalgia may include:

A feeling in your feet as if you're walking on pebbles or have a bruise from a stone - Definitely the feeling i had !!!!!!!!

Sometimes these symptoms develop suddenly — especially if you've recently increased your usual amount of running, jumping or other high-impact exercise — but problems are more likely to develop over a period of months."

Not sure if this is going to have a huge affect on me as i seem to not have had this problem those two runs.
Not overly warm here with tops of mid 70's but still it's been great to be back in civilization for a few days (Hermosa Beach is essentially a bigger version of what i've got back home at Palmie even down to the fact the streets are numbered eg 15th Street etc), but of course my nomadic instincts are slowly starting to kick in again and i'd better head off and do some more tourist things with the Grand Canyon (only 500 miles away) one of the places i promised myself i'd make to this year.
The above link is to where i spent yesterday a Ojai Deer Lodge, a rustic biker saloon out in the hills past Ventura County (geography is not my strong suit here !), definitely a bit warmer than on the coast.
Shari and guitarist Alistair Greene (co writer of a number of her songs) had an acoustic gig in the beer garden, great setting for it (other than occasionally being disturbed by the sound of Harley's revving), and an appreciative audience. With only a singer and a guitarist it was all pretty laid back and mellow but this gave these two very talented performers as well as the audience a great chance for a good time and a great afternoon was had by all.
Maybe i should just wander off and be a roadie, rather than head home and go back to being a computer programmer ???? (somehow i think the average gig requires more than just two speakers and a PA so might need some more gym work :-) ).
Anyway for the moment that's it, will probably be out of internet and phone coverage tomorrow (and the next few days) as i head eastwards, only wish i was able to download some of the pictures (that will wait till i get home).

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