Friday, 18 July 2008

Badwater - the short version - part 2 to be continued soon (almost midnight!)

Ran along at a very comfortable pace as planned & the relatively cool
weather meant i could wear my usual headband with just a bit of veil
around my face. All went well till around 50 miles but then storm
damaged roads then meant that it looked we'd have a course change,
frustrating but at least still a 135 mile race. Not sure what happened
around nightfall but from then on had "issues" food was sitting on the
stomach & i felt permanently bloated & what appeared to be a blister
ended up being metatarsal problems, this meant i was in pain running downhill instead of making good time on the hills down to Panamint Springs. As i type this still the left metatarsal is sore but now being done the beach am barefoot anyway. Other than that am fine, and now have been given some stuff which supposedly fixes nausea in races (now to try it on another long way). Bottom line i'll be back next year, looking to take at least 10 percent off my time (would love to take that same amount off the costs involved but don't think that's likely).


Russell Secker said...

Well done, Kelvin.

Russell Secker said...

Good luck with Transe Gaule 2008!

Tesso said...

Been wondering how you got on. Looking forward to hearing more detail ... except for maybe the stomach issues bit.