Thursday, 28 June 2007


Firstly the title of todays post does not mean the rest will all have Stones album titles this time it was pure coincidence ! Freely admit i was gutted to DNF, refuse to use my health as an excuse and can only think of it as a failure (at least that proves to me i still think as a racer - a positive thought). Off to a Mexican restaurant in Old Auburn with most of the gang and after many Margaritas (needed to wash down the hot food & corn chips :-)) was at least in a better state of mind. At least 3 or so hours of sleep but still coughing and sniffling my head off. Next morning it was breakfast at the hotel with Richard & Robert & family who were heading off straight after. Strange breakfast as no cereal offered at all!. Better news i did find the second part of my camera charger so finally i could take pictures again, downside i discovered i needed some software (that i have at home) to download my 7 minutes of pre race & race video (kindly taken by our own Spielberg Vegie-girl, thanks Lis !) so that will have to wait till i return. Various people left and continued on their journeys, meaning most of the day was spent saying goodbye to a passing parade as us people staying (Horrie & family, Blue Dog & Bernie, Nic & Damien) spent the day finally enjoying a relaxing day by (and in) the pool, lots of talking, some food & a few beers sitting around under a hot sun finally felt i was on holidays (albeit still with a damned cold). So relaxed in fact that when i went back to my room for a lie down before dinner (at 7) i didnt wake up till 11, meant i needed to sample the cuisine of the "In'n'Out" burger next door (actually better than i expected).

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