Monday, 25 June 2007

Not always happy endings

Heaps of group pictures followed by more pasta at Madigans, then i realised that i still hadnt got some cheap sunglasses to run in so off to the Chevron servo. After yet another night without sleep went surprisingly confidently into todays race, was really looking forward to escaping the hype and actually running. Well i'll be short and sweet (longer report to follow later) went out conservatively as i knew the cold would make it hard, all was good until Last Chance where i was told i was 8 pounds over my starting weight and was held and fed the appropriate foods as well as getting some blisters fixed. Was told to walk rather than run as basically hard running and my cold were too much in combination for my body to work properly. By Devils Thumb this was up to 10 pounds but at least my blood pressure and pulse were good so i was encouraged to go on. By Michigan Bluff was nine pounds but the doctor was a little wary and gave me a blood test that was then the end of my race, a helluva long way to come for my second ever dnf and only 55.7 miles into it. Otherwise a great day for the Aussies, 6 under 24 hrs including Martin Fryer's 21st place with 21 odd hours. As i type with an hour to go there is only one left, Bill, to finish.

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Tesso said...

Everyone over here was feeling your pain Kel. There were a lot of us in chat and others on the message board all watching the race progress. It was the lowest point of the day/night when we found out you had to stop.

That's is very scary stuff, 10 pounds over. I'm just please you are okay ... you are okay aren't you????

Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip.

PS 'only' 55.7miles :-)