Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I made it finally

Finally last night made it to San Francisco at 6:30PM, another great movie to view "Smokin Aces", very violent very Tarantinoesque Mafia movie in other words right up my alley, after that a couple of Simpsons Episodes and the "The Best of Guns & Roses" which unfortunately was constantly interrupted by the PA with announcements about rescheduling of peoples transfers. Of course thought i'd be smart and be last off as i reckoned my luggage was first on, however i didn't realise we had to go through customs first so ended up in a massive queue, by the time i got out there were three bags being guarded at the conveyor belt and one was mine. Then spend what feels like forever wandering around the terminal trying to find by Hotel Shuttle, eventually find a manned info point and by 7:30 have found my transport. Share the ride with a mother and daughter from Florida who have never been here before either and finally get to Adante Hotel at 8:30. Ring Vegie to see where the "Mellum Mob" are and am directed to a curry place round the corner, Lamb Vindaloo sounds right up my alley (pretty sure he ignored my "make it as hot as possible" as it was too mild but still not airline food !!). So it Vegie (Lis), Spud (Phil), Whippet (Andrew), Tim (Tim) and Sportsman (Ron), for a few beers (of course they had finished eating more or less when i arrived, and then back to the hotel for coffee (think everyone else had used theirs so i had the full supply).
Totally out of it mentally, as shown by the fact i take 15 minutes to get the shower to work, finally off to bed, great TV though Law & Order (old episodes with Lenny my favourites !) followed by the X Files. 1AM and i'm woken by a call from a Palm Beach Real Estate Agent (only 6pm there !), not sleeping well as have only got a single bed despite requesting double (reckon i'll be on the floor tonight ! way more comfortable).
Up at 7 and have been on my feet ever since, pointed myself in the direction of the Golden Gate bridge, absolutely freezing in shorts !!), and after crossing it to Marin County finally the fog lifted am finally almost back to the motel when i saw this net cafe (no 3G service here i can find so can't email from phone at present), so cappucino and piroshki and now i'm feeling human.
Now the sun is shining and i may even get my jumper off at last, suppose i'd better see how me (and also Ron) can get to Truckee tomorrow (Mellum is off today).
Having spent 4 hours being so cold i couldn't feel my fingers i'm much more content now, but i'd be honest and say i'm much happier away from big cities, reckon once my planned part of my trip finishes i'll be heading off into the bush. Big positive the locals i've spoken to (when lost :-)) have been very friendly. Downside feel sh*t, the cold i had got rid of has come back with vengeance, not sure if it's the smog but my throat hearts like hell not a great start, bit worried it will get worse before it get's better (having been up since 7 i'm stuffed now and it's only 1 and i've got a couple of miles back to the hotel), probably thankful i didn't go any further than the corner of my block when i went for a walk (due to being unable to sleep in small bed) at 3, area seems to be bottle shops and XXX Movie theatres so probably not a great idea at night :-).

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