Friday, 22 June 2007

A little better

Here i am a little over 12 Hours since my last blog
update and things are a little brighter. After
returning to bed at 4 thankfully slept till 9:20 and
woke without the sore throat but still with a pretty
hacked voice. Breakfast with a number of the Aussies,
and made sure i had plenty of orange juice.
Today is pretty much the ceremonial start to Western
States with a flag raising on Immigrant Pass at
Midday, so decided to get a lift from Tam's husband
Steven so me, Ron, Nic & Richard fitted easily into
their 7 seater (Tam possibly wisely deciding not to
As the rest looked around the WS Store i thought i may
as well head up via the trail (same way as the race)
as it would give me a better idea as to whether i was
physically capable (reckon when writing the last blog
i was a guaranteed non starter was an absolute mess).
Certainly feeling the effects of ill health i had my
jumper on the whole way up which was a little strange
compared to the US runners i was walking with in
running gear.
Finally got there in something like 70 minutes and
caught up with many of the other Aussies (including
David Eadie who was staying with his wife in the other
motel), some who had walked up earlier and some who
had taken the Cable Car.
Very windy up top so spent lot's of time staying in
the shade of others, but was quite a nice ceremony
although god knows how anyone took my croaky rendition
of "America the Beatiful" which we all sang along too.
Walked back to the Cable Car with Martin, Di (MRX &
99), Lis (Vegie), Nic (Prewannabee), Ian (Glassman)
and David (Chefs on The Run) and decided it would be
wiser to take the cable car down with them.
Was certainly worth it, awesome view (although you'd
swear we were going to crash into the pylons), took
some pictures with the phone (as i still haven't
sorted a charger for the camera), but unfortunately
not able to upload on this Hotel computer (no java
means i'm emailing my blog in via Yahoo Mail from the
pc as it doesn't work with blogger).
Was happy to get a lift back with Martin, Di, Lis &
Ian so giving me an afternoon to rest, though still
needed to head over the road to the nearest diner for
lunch (good old fashioned burger washed down with a
Ever since have been resting, i'd like to think there
is now a now a light at the end of the tunnel that my
health has made this trip so far.

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