Monday, 18 June 2007

Maybe some people arent meant to fly?

Here i am in Auckland airport 8 hours after leaving Melbourne. We hit 3 swans shortly after takeoff & then spent the next hour burning fuel before we could land. Engineers are now looking at it if not fixable they will get us a new plane either way it will be a delay of a few more hours so will arrive in US at best 6 hours late. Not a great start, at least in flight entertainment was good very funny movie "Wild Hogs" & then listened to "Exile on main street" no complaints on that score.


Jaykay said...

You really do have some bad luck on Aeroplanes don't you.

I remember your flight to France - horrific!!

Good luck with the run. I'll be keeping tabs on you from the website :0)

Ewen said...

Bet it was raining in Auckland ;)