Saturday, 23 June 2007

Just over 12 hours to go

Interesting night across the road at Madigan's Diner with some of the others (Blue Dog and Bernie, Horrie and family, Richard, Brendan and Ron), ordered Ravioli and was given Pasta Rustica which i thought must have been the local equivalent until the ravioli came , meaning that i was eating Ron's meal, as well as getting Orange Soda as opposed to the Orange Juice i ordered and to top it off then there was one extra order of Apple Pie (which i proceeded to polish off). Good food and very filling but shame about the mix ups.
Another night spent trying to get to sleep and again putting a wet face washer over my forehead to stay cool around 3 so much time to worry about the run ahead.
Today was race check in, so back to Squaw Valley again, little bit of drama as the hotel lost electricity for an hour or so, because of a fallen tree and eventually me & Richard got a lift there with the only Aussies still there Paul & Diane. Amazing goodie bags, jumper, shirt, water bottle, mug and heaps of knick knacks as well as our medical. Well i guess i passed:
Weight 141 LBS
Blood Pressure 120/63
Pulse 67
which is now on my wristband. After dropping of the drop bags and a quick feed (some smoothie which had so many vitamins surely it would fix me up), it was off to the race briefing where we got to meet some of the luminaries of the race.
After i got to catch up with Jim Rudig from last years Trans Gaule as well as finally seeing Bill Thompson and Carol La Plante and Phil.
Now for a rest !!

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Tesso said...

Gosh, its getting soooooo exciting. About 2hrs 20mins until kickoff. I'm actually feeling nervous for you all.


PS Glad you're feeling a bit healthier.