Thursday, 21 June 2007

Damned Colds

Here i am typing this at 3:15 AM local time, unable to
sleep as simply my cold is making it impossible, far
from ideal at this late a date.
Finally back at my hotel 4:30 Yesterday and later on
go for a walk down to Fisherman's Wharf, looked at
getting a bus to Truckee, however spoke to Robert
Boyce and he reckoned he could fit both me and Ron in.
Big dinner in Chinatown, as we caught up with Horrie
and his wife Belinda and son Tim as well as Robert and
his family. Later went back to Robert's room and it
looked as though his car would hold six (and had a
massive boot). Again feeling very drained and the
throat feeling like it was cut giving me another very
ordinary nights sleep (again a walk around the block
at 3 as was simply too hot).
Wake up this morning still feeling ordinary (shame
that you have to run the shower for 5 minutes before
the water turns hot - reckon you'd be shot for that
back home), and then off to Roberts to leave at around
9, was sort of expecting wall to wall McDonalds etc
along the highway and was surprised to find that
servoes and food places all tend to be on turnoffs
rather than on the side of the road like the Aussie
ones. Certainly interesting going over the double
decker Bay Bridge to Oakland and once we'd passed
Sacramento was really the open road (just can't
believe the size of the PickUps and Caravans), went
near Auburn (the finish of Western States), and 3 1/2
Hours later had made it to Truckee (interesting the
address is 10527 Coldstream considering there are only
5 buildings in the street) and the very luxurious
Holiday Inn.
Caught up with Blue Dog & Bernie as we checked in and
was offered a lift to Squaw Valley for the session for
novice WS runners, as well as shopping at the
Exhibition (what don't they have with Western States
on it ??). Here we caught up with Lis and the Mellum
Mob (who'd drove up the previous day), Brendan, Martin
& Di as well as Horrie and family who had flown up
from SF. Pretty much shopped till it closed and we
made plans to eat at a local Pasta Place.
By the time we came back Ian Javes, Tam & Steven, Nic,
Richard and Paul and Diane were there as well so the
Aussie contingent was looking impressive.
Off hand we had 22 for dinner, great food and
thankfully big serves as i hadn't got around to lunch,
but frankly my health was deteriorating rapidly,
barely any voice left (possibly a blessing to many)
and switching seamlessly between hot and cold, far
from ideal (and now simply unable to sleep).
Just hope that once i finish this i can sleep a
little, go back and do so more things at Squaw Valley
and then just sleep the rest of the day otherwise i've
got a helluva lot of problems, if you were to ask me
now you'd reckon i'd come all this way for a DNS !!.
One small problem for me (nothing compared to my
health though), realise i only took one of the two
cables needed to recharge my camera, so have a flat
battery after 60 pictures and only 2 days, who know
what i'll be able to do about that.
Just hope my next update is more positive.

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