Saturday, 30 June 2007

Better days

Having coughed and sniffled my head off on Monday night i'd decided to spend one last day in Auburn. Was feeling a little better (though probably hard to tell from my still hacked voice or my hankies), so thought a day out in the sun (now near 100 degrees) exploring the town was the way to go. Was now the last Aussie left with Horrie, Blue Dog, Nic & Ron checking out that morning. A walk around the historic old town (where we had eaten Sunday night) and then to the impressive old courthouse which holds the museum (meaning a metal detector search and frisk just to go to the museum), very worthwhile as there were many pics showing WS checkpoints back when they booming towns. Funny enough the lady at the museum had spent 2000 living in Australia (Mereweather near Newcastle) so was happy to see an Aussie.
By now i had directions to the newer part of town and couldn't resist having a look in 'The Auburn Running Company' a runners dream, did resist the urge to buy but did have a long yarn with the staff. By then it was time to find my way back. On my way back bumped into (for the 4th time today we'd had a chat about the area each time & i'd worked out they were friendly locals enjoying their summer break and were as genuine as they seemed) Pat, Paul & Jill. So ended up going on a tour of the town as only locals could show. We dropped in on Pat's uncle Tom (a Deputy DA i'd seen at the courts earlier very small world) & i got plenty of advice and maps for where to head the next week (looks like the answer was Hwy 49 and Yosemite). Still 90 degrees so couldnt resist an invite to the local swimming hole (The Confluence), a mile walk from a busy parking area and just past under California's highest bridge. A truly magic spot, crystal clear water with incredible reflections (will post pictures on my return words dont do it justice), Paul caught up on his sleep while the 3 of us swum to the other side through the invigorating (and very deep) waters. We then climbed up on to the rocks the locals use as a diving platform (Paul as the local demonstrated, Jill up from SF for her first summer here and i werent quite convinced). We were just happy to lie in the sun and chat and watch the moon rise as well as the noisy, drunken antics of some 'Water people' upstream (one such a dead ringer for Paris Hilton in both looks & lack of class, i thought they'd let her out a day early!). By 9 they had gone (and surprisingly to their credit taken their pile of empties) and it had dropped to 80 degrees, Paul did convince Jill to take her first jump but sore blisters on sharp rocks convinced me to climb back down (just hope they don't think all Aussies are whimps). Didn't swim back quite as easily (tend to head to my right so was halfway down the rapids), but was almost dry by the time we'd made it back to the car. Off to the old town for dinner but being Tuesday night everything was shut (bar the alehouse where dinner started @ $25). So it was off to 'Dennys', was mystified when Jill ordered 'biscuits & gravy' after tasting i'd explain biscuits as a soft damper shaped like a scone as for the gravy can't explain it better than it being a tasty white sauce. I stuck to the very tasty meatloaf. Dropped off at the hotel at 11, very tired but excited about the days ahead (and i'd been shown where the local Hertz is so knew where to begin the next morning).

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