Monday, 17 September 2007

70K's with a trail run in the middle

Forecast was for warmer fine weather, but still very cold at 6. No skins socks today (primary use was to keep the calf tight and doubted that with my speed now that was an issue), but was back in the windproof rain jacket. Happily it was quiet on the roads with many ups and downs as we ran out of the valley and was in second place of our group. At the second aid station removed my jacket and beanie as the sun was shining brightly. 30K's in we hit bush trails and a steady upwards climb reduced me to a walk and it was just like being back home. Aid station at top and then a lovely downhill to 40 and back to roads. Wind farms nearby so expected breeze and sure got it a damned headwind. Was passed by 7AM starters Hiroko and Jorge, and followed him all the way to the end. Smaller town with brass band and bratwurst and beer tent outside our hall. Highlight for me was flock of white swans in the river as we ran last part along bike path. Results wise was around 8:20.

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