Monday, 24 September 2007

As race Mondays go i guess this was a better one.

Had an interesting nights sleep, early on i could feel my legs blowing up and then later (after raising them) going down. It was a real out of body experience and i was worried what the morning would bring. Sleep in today with 6:30 and 7:30 starts as only 57kms. Had the same group of five so again it was Hiroko and Trond dashing ahead with me stuck in the middle (not a great start either pretty much straight downhill). Pretty much a trail (and bike trail run) the first 23ks and i had a feeling i could spend the whole day last. Just before the 32k checkpoint finally caught up with some of the earlier runners (could not run uphill and really had to put the brakes on downhill). At the 49k checkpoint was surprised to find the figure i'd been chasing was Trond so of course adrenaline kicked in and finished 2nd in 6:33:
04 behind Hiroko's 6:18:39. Mayoral reception at the St Georgen Rathaus and then all you can eat Chinese, short distance tomorrow (51.7 K) but mainly steep ups and downs so i'll be taking it very easy (hopefully a more relaxing sleep tonight!)

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