Thursday, 13 September 2007

Better days

Short summary as am lacking 3G access. Clear morning gave hopes of better weather, bus to start and, as still cold, sheltered in opposite train station till 6. Same gear as yesterday but with running shorts (bike shorts dont work for my tree trunk like quads so only use when raining to prevent chafing. 3 hours on and sun comes out and coat, beanie and finally gloves come off and headband on, at that point running 4th. At 56km the wheels come off a little when we hit 'the highway from hell' the B road to Stalvenhagen. Semis and fast cars make this a nightmare and the breeze blowing me about further stuffs my sore back. Happy to run the last 3k's with a local schoolkid (who was later to be part of the nights dancing entertainment). Again heaps of food and the highlight a neck massage by our masseuse Ramona. Interestingly she put some painkilling bandages on my neck for tomorrow. Resultswise 8th in 9:22 for the 83ks but longest day to come tomorrow.

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