Saturday, 15 September 2007

Almost a rest day

Not often i will call a 66.9K run a rest but after the last few days this looked comparatively easy. I'd woken up fine after last nights worries (after last nights blog a cold shower and a shave seemed to me i had a bit of heatstroke). With a forecast of rain later carried the "green jacket" but put on my thermal top as was cooler. With the first 5 leaving at 7 no one really wanted to lead so i was stuck with navigating us out of town (a worrying prospect to people who know my navigational ability). In the distance wind farms so knew a windy day awaited. Hard work with much wind against us, but being Saturday roads were quiet early. Interesting sight was a group of cars parked nowhere, saw later it was a group of hunters (of what i dont know) with their dogs. Kept on running to what was virtually a pyramid made of mining tailings and the road was getting busier. Then onto a rough track & cobblestoned roads to slow us down. At 51k could see it wouldnt rain so left jacket and beanie (which after yesterday i replaced with Legionairres cap) at aid station as well removing gloves. From then on it was a group of 5 jockeying for position (including 2 7AM starters and Trans Gaule organiser JB who unfortunately hadnt finished a stage since his 50th birthday on day 3. Saw the town of Eisleben for a long way (it even has a massive Dreamworld type park), and again finish was other side of town. Crossed the line Trond (7AM starter and member of the English speaking group along with Frenchman JB, Japanese lady Hiroko and English Texan Russell and his crew Diana) in 7:52:29 for 6th place. My sort of day with early finish, time for cappucino & cake and then lunch with JB, Hiroko & Trond (sweet & sour pork washed down with Chzecoslavakian Budweiser) as well as finally a chance to wash and dry clothes. Anyway now it's leg massage time.

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