Friday, 7 September 2007

I do like to be beside the seaside

Knowing that with the race approaching this would be the only chance possibly for a long blog entry with pictures, here are some !!
Firstly the picture is the Hauptbahnhof for Historic Stalsund where i arrived yesterday afternoon after a 4 hour train journey from Hamburg, did it easy except for the fact that when i bought my ticket it said platform 6 and while i was sitting there wondered why there was a train to Rostock (my first stop) on the next platform.
Thankfully i asked the man there and he said my ticket was wrong, so had to maniacally dash up to the next platform. The trip itself was pretty much fields (some with deer) and windfarms and every 15 minutes or so a station, changed trains at Rostock (strangely changed from platform 3 to platform 7 and they were actually the either side of the same platform whilst 4 to 6 were quite a bit away - strange ???).
Finally at 4 arrive at Stralsund and am looking at my map to my hotel and after 5 minutes realise i am opposite it !!.
Of course there has to be some issue, i check in and find i'm double booked (that explains why one website gave me one cheap price whilst another dozen didn't have anything that cheap), apparently that had happened to a few people so that they had already arranged taxis and alternate (dearer at the cheaper price) accommodation, only downside a couple of K´s away from town (near the Tierpark - Zoo - actually), this brings me to the next two pictures just look at the size of the room for only €60 per night, absolutely massive (although disappointingly what looks like a double bed is two singles - i swear one day i will get a double bed !).
Even got to see "Die Simpsons" on TV, although i`m amazed that with 400 odd episodes to pick from the first one had Grandpa Simpson shooting at Hitler and Monty Burns stealing the Nazis stolen artworks, and the second one was about kicking illegal immigrants out of Springfield, both of these episodes dubbed in Germany were just too ironic to be true.
After that went for a stroll into town, still amazed by the number of cyclists, but finding that these ones appeared to be much more easygoing and stick to their own paths. Can't work out just why there are so many cyclists but it is a good thing (although at the back of my mind i wonder whether incredibly cheap alcohol - €1.49 for a 6 pack of beer - means nobody drives at night ???, as for me i just got to remember i'm here for a reason not just as a tourist !!).
Back by nightfall (9PM) and a great nights sleep, even slept till 8 (wont be doing that soon). As usual a great breakfast put on, heaps of cereal and bread and juice and coffee and boiled eggs etc, i'll be thankful i'm running soon or i'll put on weight :-).
Not sure if a reasonable knowledge of German language is a help or a hindrance, i can understand about half of what is said, but can't think enough to answer fluently (and the less said about my accent the better). As for the actual words everytime i think of breakfast i immediately sing to myself the chorus of the Stones Star Star (and you ask why - frühstücker (breakfaster) always sounds to me like a clean (well actually spoonerised) version of the chorus (and no i won't explain further i'm trying to keep this blog G rated, strange the way my mind works.
Anyway today it was off to the historic town itself, not sure it's actually the seaside (more a bay), but lots of boats and ships and seabirds etc and very tasty "Fisch & slips".
Ancient buildings from 1200 onwards and remains of walls and fortifications from there, so now back to wandering.
A little bit of housekeeping, i do appreciate the comments but can't work out in German how to get them on the blog without me giving authorisation (which i can only do from a pc not the phone), so possibly any comments from now to race end won't go on till later).
Anyway i'm off to explore (with thoughts of the Glasshouse 100 Miler on my mind - but can't be everywhere).

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Tesso said...

Have a great run.

And don't mention the war.