Wednesday, 26 September 2007

After 16 days looks like the German 6 Foot Track Marathon

Three start times 6:30, 7:00 and our 7;15. Start was an unwelcome shock, up 400 metres to our highest point (1,300 m) meaning it was freezing cold and also that i was left alone as, unlike the others, i had no intention of running uphill. Once at the top very steep downhills followed by very skinny, slippery tracks following waterfalls. Thankfully my love of running downhill meant i got to catch up and pass many of the earlier runners. This went on for almost 30ks and then a hiccup, some local clown had turned some arrows around !, a number of us lost 5 minutes. By the next checkpoint i had caught Trond & Hiroko (being paced by JB), sadly was run off my legs by Trond to finish second in 5:57:43 to his 5:41:40 overall i was 4th in 141:25:05 Hiroko 124:40:33 Trond 132:44:15 J├Ârge 139:29:11 Note figures are correct but blog completed after long celebration dinner :-)
Edit 27/9
Hope everyone enjoyed the blog, some of those early posts were a bit ordinary simply due to exhaustion (and my mind does work strangely when exhausted !!!).
In terms of blogs also worth reading this one of Russell Secker (funny thing is back in the mid nineties i may well have met him as he works for Hoovers - part of Dun & Bradstreet - and he was saying he was in the Sydney office back in the days i worked there, either way i do recall his name as a "cc" on many memos)

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