Thursday, 13 September 2007

Another day another 80 odd K's

After yesterdays effort i can honestly say i was almost looking forward to a "short" 81.8 km run into Jerichow (i must be nuts!). Had a few problems last night, after my medical check had to sit down and needed to lie down for an hour typical me but it must be hell for race directors (probably explains my off the wall post which i sent off as soon as i found i had 3G access unedited). Lots of casualties today (at last count 7). The theory being complete the first 5 stages and you will finish (me i take it one at a time). Happy with run especially as was sort of sunny after 30k's giving me the chance to take off coat, beanie & gloves (a blistering 16 degrees by a locals thermometer!). Unfortunately yesterdays post must have cursed Hiroka as she was having shoulder problems and i was surprised that she was behind me as i was sitting down to my usual feast at the 51k checkpoint. Was more surprised to keep up with the next 10k's on one of my dreaded "B" roads but by the next aid station decided it safer to back off (she finished 2nd well over an hour in front of me). 68 k's i simply hit the wall, i hadn't noticed it had got colder and had no choice but to don the cold weather gear and walk to the 71k aid station whilst being passed by another runner (used my solitary GU and then discovered i was out of water). Heaps of food and drink at that station, thankfully discovered that the runner who had passed me was just leaving. Ended up chasing him all the way to the end. Spent endless time running on "rail trail" type bike path with the town church tantalisingly in view. Shame the finish was other end of town!. In short 6th in 9:58:21. 500 metre walk to dinner hall probably did more good than harm (but please not there for breakfast) and then another back massage by Ramona and new painkilling tapes. 322.2 km down now sleep time!

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