Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Like Canberra, but mad cyclists !!

Great nights sleep, and appeared to have had no jetlag waking as usual at 6:30. Certainly a good breakfast provided, heaps of cereal and toast and hard boiled eggs and juice and coffee, so was ready for a good look around Hamburg. Technically i am staying in the suburb of Billstedt around 5K's out of Hamburg proper, so a little walk into town.
Reminded me alot of Canberra, pretty cool (12 degrees) and heaps of bike paths and when closer into town lot's of paths around lakes (well actually offshoots of the River Elbe).
Never thought i'd be having a whinge about cyclists but here it is, all the footpaths around hamburg have well defined bike lanes but the cyclists here seem to think they own the footpath obviously they need more arrogant Aussie pedestrians to show them the error of their ways !!!.
Quite amazed i'd be walking on the footpath with the bike lanes being used next to me but a number of times i still had cyclists coming straight at me or from behind on the damned footpath, luckily having ridden a bike enough myself there was no way i was flinching or giving ground as i knew the only person to come out injured of this sort of collision is the cyclist as bikes are not really built for running into solid objects such as pedestrians (bent front wheel at least) and ultimately these riders seemed to realise this, still just couldn't understand why they insisted on trying to take over the whole footpath, just don't seem to be used to pedestrians (or at least ones who stand their ground - as i always will), anyway that's that off my chest.
Now i know where the HauptBahnHof (Central Station) is for my trip to Stralsund though tomorrow i will see how to get there by train (it'd be a helluva walk from my hotel with luggage).
Massive shops and heaps of running shoe stores (was so tempted by DS Racers only 70 Euros !), and lot's of interesting old buildings and bridges over the rivers (apparently more bridges than Venice). Again it proved to be a very small world, saw a couple with the man wearing a Terrigal Trotters top, sure enough Aussies over for the World Triathlon Championships last Sunday, wish i remembered their name but i do know the son was second Aussie (too hard to find the results on the net although i know Brad Kahlefeldt was third overall - i'm amazed i didn't manage to bump into his parents Paul & Carmel), had a chat for a while and then continued on my sightseeing. By 3 i thought it was time to take the weight off my feet and be a tourist so hopped onto the double decker tourist bus and had a great one hour tour, shame it was so cold though, absolutely freezing up the top of a topless bus and was happy to wrap my hands around a cappucino after (only 1.3 Euros not as bad as i thought !), highest temperature i had seen indicated anywhere was 16 degrees although the forecast was for 21.
Heaps of pictures and now it's 9 and i'm only just back in total 12 odd hours on my feet, very good training for the race ahead although i'm sure i'll take it a bit easier tomorrow, now that i have a map (logic dictates you get a map before going on a trip not 9 hours into a walk but since when do me and logic work together ??).
Had a good feed of curry for lunch, so it's ham sandwiches now (thankful that unlike France the hotels have fridges or maybe that's just the ones i was staying in), washed down with a little of the cheap Aldi white wine (75 Euro cents for a 1 litre carton of wine don't know how they do it but after all it is Aldi :-)).
Somehow i think i'll be sleeping well tonight.

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