Monday, 10 September 2007

Glad to be here, glad to be anywhere!

I should be ashamed using Keef's line as my header but lying in a warm hall and with a full stomach after 2 helpings of meat, potatoes & sauerkraut pretty much it sums up my day. 7AM was on bus to southernmost point Kap Arkona, arrived at 8 for 9AM start most of this time being spent trying to stay dry & warm. Did do the 200 odd steps to the beach as well as seeing where the submarine bunkers were. Finally we were off, me wearing goretex top over CR top, bike shorts, Skins socks, gloves, beanie & Nike Considered Humara shoes. Yes i was freezing !, felt my hands at 5k's but then rain got heavier and by the ferry ride at 21k was freezing again (funnily enough i was in group of 3 at ferry by the time it left there were 14). Spent the next hours ploughing through rain & wind which was steadily my neck & back sore. Was rapt to finally see some sun and Stralsund in the distance over the bay. 4k's to go finally removed jacket and even better finish was closer than i thought not thankfully through town. In short 16th today in 7:43:22 with leader 5:44:10. 8PM here (4am Aust time same as the time we wake tomorrow for start at 6). Just hope Voltaren tablets kick in and i have a good nights sleep ready for a big day.

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