Friday, 14 September 2007

Finally sun

A short post as am exhausted and need sleep. We did have to walk the 500 metres to breakfast but worth it as finally cereal. Change of gear to ASICS DS trainers as i was a little sore after Humaras no tongue sock style had rubbed a little (otherwise great shoes). After 18 k's sun come out and unbelievably handed jacket in at aid station (at a guess most Europeans must reckon i was born in it - reckon i singlehandedly ruined any sponsorship deal with Mountain Designs :-)) . Next 30k's was mainly good bike paths but i could see our invaluable aid station people were getting to know me when station 3 had "Start me up" playing. Again the top 5 started at 7 and was passed by first male and then just before 46 by Hiroki. The picnic was then over 5k's of unrunnable stones. Lost rhythm walking and struggled on another busy road, took a 500 metre wrong turn
(confused by roadworks). Rapt to see last aid station (& 250ml's of local brew). From then on good bikepaths into town of Steinbech. Long run across town to finish which i did in just under 9.5 hours. Two serves of pasta bolognese should see me through tomorrow (66ks). No official results up yet but i need sleep more only know 29 of the original 4 0 can go all the way.

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