Friday, 21 September 2007

First past the post again (but only first male)

After yesterdays performance i was finally running with some confidence (and those who know me realise that me with confidence is a helluva better runner). Was happy to lead the 6AM group out (7AM being only the leaders Hiroko and Trond), not a barrel of laughs as we took the l1025 out into the dark (no streetlights only oncoming cars lighting the way) towards Krautheim. Was 4 degrees there (reckon it had warmed up in those first 5K's) as we kept on going into heavy traffic. From then on it was more picturesque roads shrouded in fog, 30k's saw me finally remove the beanie and after some steep climbs through lovely orchards finally took the coat off at 37.8 k's. Was feeling strong (and sights like soaring eagles were making me feel good), so refusing to look behind me i pushed up a gear. Lovely shaded roads with gentle ups and downs were ideal for me at my cockiest. At 48.7 km hit my favourite checkpoint, the one with hot food and dessert, had a good feed and powered on. Bike path took us to big town where AUDI is made and main thing was to not get killed in traffic (on a lighter note at least one runner had a feed at the McDonalds drive through). Temperature was now showing as 25, and from then on it was good bike paths, must have been running as well as i thought as no sign of Hiroko (or the recovering Rosemary who every day ran the first 3 checkpoints and then rode her pushbike the rest of the way). Make it first past the post again (although my cries of "Aussie Aussie Aussie" again leaves the locals confused). Early day means time to wash clothes and even to sightsee (well i did see - and enjoy - the Biberach รoner Kebap shop for lunch) as well as an early massage. Ultimately Hiroko did get in within the hour (thus relegating me to second), but still very happy as appear to finally running myself into decent shape. Unfortunately have no choice but a 7am start tomorrow (can only hope my mind games have some effect against the other 2 but i doubt it). Days highlight was the eagles soaring but a couple of jet fighters with sonic boom was also memorable. Day in figures for 72.7 km stage was 7:38 with Hiroko 7:18:38 and Trond 3rd in 8:04:31 with 22 still capable of finishing.

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