Sunday, 11 November 2007

Another long run

Late night last night, didn't make it back from a barbie till 1 (and even it proved my body still isn't quite right as my calves were sore from playing backyard cricket).
Easy morning and was happy to get some results from GNW before i contemplated a run, left with the intention of doing the 15K Yarra run, but as i was feeling full of beans by the time i hit Glenferrie Rd thought i may as well continue under and follow the bike paths through East Hawthorn, eventually got all the way to Warrigal Rd and was stuffed on the uphill run to Dandenong Rd, better rhythm then but was passed by a girl on roller skates just after Darling Rd and that fired me up all the way to Burke Rd, when i finally passed her thought i'd better ease back a little as it was fairly warm (around 1:30) and i had pushed that bit along. Finally ended up with 25.5 K at an average of 5:43 Minute K's reckon i slowed down considerably from the racecourse onwards i was stuffed. Litre of cordial and feel a bit better, at least the knee was good the whole way but i shouldn't feel this bad after only that distance, still it's a beginning and a good week milewise (123K's running 41K's walking and at least another 50K's just walking in everyday life), certainly nothing like at my peak but a start is a start.

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