Friday, 23 November 2007

Reckon i know every steep road south of Burleigh

Another humid morning with heaps of thick black clouds and a little rain. Still not convinced i was as fit as usual so thought i'd do the reverse of usual and run the beach and come back via hills. The knee felt good thankfully (although again it looks a bit ugly with a raw looking ulcer? again), ran smoothly to 19th Ave and then up it to the hills of Elanora. Of course we arent talking real hills but steep streets and there are plenty of them, just about felt the heart in the mouth heading up Avocado to KP Mcgrath Drive and was content to roll gently around Pines Lake before heading across Currumbin and under the M1 to Tugun Heights. More steep streets, the ups giving me good lungbusting exercise and the downs giving me some much needed confidence about my knee. Get home to find i'd done 2 hours running again would love to know the distance though as i was stuffed. More box unpacking to look forward to (4 hours of frustating manual reading and playing with cables yesterday means the set top box and dvd/vcr at least means i can veg in front of the box tonight when i've done my share of boxes).

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