Wednesday, 7 November 2007

As the comeback continues i get slower

I think yesterdays run took more out of me than it should have, eventually decided i'd head off and do a few miles first problem hit Caulfield Racetrack and because of Equine Influenza wasn't allowed to run on the actual course (i probably could have outsprinted the security guard but doubt i could have dodged his "mates"), damned right knee was very ordinary but i thought that like previously that would wear off, sadly that wasn't the case, was still strugging when i turned back near Chadstone (surely the biggest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere - so if anywhere was going to make me run away from that was it). Made it back home and found i was just over 6 minute K's, obviously the knee was affecting me as bad as it felt it was.
Somehow i think a walk to the physio will be my total exercise tomorrowas i sit and type i do feel a bit better (maybe that's the anti inflams i washed down with a nice red at lunch ????), but i have to admit today was the first time in 6 "Comeback runs" that i simply haven't enjoyed myself.
Positives: No calf problems
Negatives: Right Knee (which gave me some problems with muscles on the left leg as i favoured it so much)
Simply didn't enjoy my run today as never felt comfortable

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