Thursday, 22 November 2007

A bit of running and boxes

Finally got to run on Sunday, ended up catching with the Gold Coast Road Runners doing a run on Big Burleigh so joined them the rest of the way back to their clubrooms. Ended up running a little further than i'd planned and really appreciated the sports drinks back at their clubrooms before running back home (very slowly !).
Was paying for it Monday and instead did a wander along the beach but by Tuesday all was good and did a run across the border coming back via steep Bilambil Heights, still getting used to humidity (more humid than usual at present) but still a solid run.
Had meant to run Wednesday but i came back after a dip in the surf and the removalists were waiting for me !!!, so the rest of the day was spent with boxes and more boxes (and i'm sick of the sight thereof), still now i have a bed and the plasma (only wish i could remember where to put the cables for the digital box and home theatre but by days end was just happy to put the feet up with a beer and watch tv on analog !).
Another two hour run today, back over the border and the hills there and then home via the beach, sadly felt the knee very early on and was a long time before it was half decent and still felt it when i made it home (think it seized up a little bit as i picked up the mail at PO Box and pretty much walked up the hill home - i was too busy reading bills !). Think that's convinced me i'm not a C2K starter (and as for finding crew at this late stage) still i'll see what it's like tomorrow.
Looks a good weekend musically somehow i don't think i'll resist seeing James Reyne and Mark Seymour again at Southport RSL on Election night and as luck would have there is a Stones Tribute Band "Rolling Stonz" at Burleigh Bears on Sunday afternoon just hope i don't do any damage to myself on the dance floor :-).

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