Sunday, 25 November 2007

Running and rocking

The weekend didn't start well, ran about a K on Saturday and the knee just got sorer and sorer, frankly didn't think it was worth the risk so went home.
Twice i've had medical people look at my knee and they have said structurally it's fine as it gets better as i run somehow i question that and today was one of those days !!.
Still the day did improve with James Reyne & Mark Seymour doing their stuff at Southport RSL (as per above pictures) that night (sure beat watching the election on TV). Felt strange being seated at a table (not exactly rock'n'roll), but at least i was at the front with the empty dancefloor between me and the stage.
We started off with Mark Seymour and he did a great set, but i think he was a little bemused by having a seated audience, but no one seemed to want to be the first to disturb security !!!, all the classsics there as well as some more recent stuff (which i now know better having bought his latest CD).
Next was James Reyne and a group of blokes stubbies in hand went up to the dancefloor and cheered him on (and also made some remarks to the very attractive singer Tracey - just didn't quite catch themn but i'm sure they were something politically incorrect !!!). After first song Reno, he launched into a couple of Oz Crawl tracks and finally a few people got up, me included just couldn't stay down any longer, and headed straight for front row (in front of Tracey this time), from then on the audience impasse was broken and we all went nuts, only complaint no "Boy's light up" (reckon Oz Crawl was the first real gig i went to at about age 14 so always have a soft spot for this one).
Then Mark and his band came on stage and joined the rest to sing "Rich Girl" and that is where, again, everyone just let it all hang out, averyone just had a ball (i do have the setlist, signed this time by Mark, but internet is not cheap today !!), for mine the highlights were "Psycho Killer" and "April Sun" but really every song was a highlight and everyone was having a blast (and that was before i heard the great election result :-)).
Today i meant to run with the Road Runners but slept in, so took off at 8 and thankfully didn't feel the knee, ended up runningt 2:15 and going to Burleigh Heads
with two laps of big Burleigh, absolutely stuffed when i made it home but very happy.
This arvo it was the Rolling Stonez at the Burleigh Bears, they did 3 sets but the short first and third sets were non Stones (Eagles, Beatles, Elvis and many other classics so couldn't complain), still their hour of the Stones was great, was interesting to have the 2003 Single "Don't Stop" but the rest were the classics, Jumping Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Women, Brown Sugar, Can't always get, Satisfaction and many, many more had a ball, again a lunatic on the dancefloor (and i wasn't the only one). Even occassionally caught a peek of the Australian Masters Golf during the non Stones set. Now to see how the knee is tomorrow, seem to be still pretty fit (have deliberately been searching out hills to attack - no easy beachside running), so have been exhausted when i finish but reckon it's a good sign.
Still tomorrow is another day (and library internet is free !)

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