Saturday, 10 November 2007

Don't know about indestructible but still rolling along

After yesterdays rest, thought i should give myself a reasonable workout, knee thankfully was fine from the start but calves a little tight. 5:34 Minute K's not great but at a guess probably lost 5 minutes in total having to obey traffic signals in some of the busier bits (and really couldn't push it on Southbank).
Dying to go out and race but frankly i don't think i have the leg speed at present, think i'll just be making do with miles in the legs. Had a chat on the phone with some of the GNW runners last night and whilst i'd have loved to have been there doing it on hearing it had been raining all day was glad i wasn't there.
At this rate i might end up facing alot of very tired runners at Coast to Kosi (certainly not counting my chickens there but the last week has shown i'm not a total broken down has been - and of course there is the issue of crew !!!).

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