Monday, 12 November 2007

As slow as - maybe i'm taking it to hard

I have to wonder whether i've been taking the comeback a little hard, had a very ordinary 15.5 K's at just and 6 Minute K's and was flat the whole way (just like yesterday when i pretty much slept my way through the cricket after my run).
Had a physio appointment at 4 so thought i may as well walk (8K's), on my way there through Albert Park noticed that radio's Hamish Blake was doing his marathon at Albert Park (he'd said on radio that Katie Holmes 5:25 NY Marathon was weak and wanted to prove he could do a marathon faster than her), would have loved to join him for a lap (he was doing 9.7) but it was a bit close physio wise.
The physio found a whole pile of new problems and it was closer to torture than a session, i definitely had pushed it a little hard.
On the way back Hamish was on his last lap so stayed around to be Katie's time by just under 5 minutes, youth and an athletic build probably helped him but still it took guts to run that distance without training. Couldn't resist a picture (above), with Andy and Hamish (on the golf cart), also met Tamsyn Lewis who did the last lap with him.
Possibly spent a bit too much time hanging around as stiffened up again, still i'd hope tomorrow will be faster.


undercover brother said...

so where is the picture of tamsin? :)

An Aussie running across France said...

That'd be my fault when she started about running less than 2 minutes (800 metres i guess) i think i worried her !