Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Maybe my last Gunn Run ??? but faster than i'd believe

Looked like another day when i was paying for the excesses of the previous day, or maybe all my muscles are just fatigued. Moved a couple of boxes this morning (so that the Salvos could move my lounge suite easier) and that appeared to be quite enough excess, pretty much back to bed with a book (the second latest Rebus novel).
Not knowing when the Salvos were coming i really couldn't go for a run until they had been but frankly my body didn't feel like it.
Finally at 2 they came (and took - i was sentimentally attached to that suite but really no longer needed it as i have two Jason recliners awaiting me at Tugun), meant i had time to stretch my legs and do a Pre Poll Vote, bit stiff and sore but the sun was good.
Decided when i returned that i should do my last Gunn Run (5K's at Albert Park www.gunnrunners.com.au ) although frankly was worried about running some very embarrasing time.
Made it to the Gunn Island Hotel a little faster than i expected so maybe i wouldn't be that slow, still reckoned anything under 25 minutes would be a bonus.
Well i did shock myself 21:48 for the 5K's (a PW off hand a couple of seconds slower than my previous with a horrendous cold), and around 1:40 slower than usual but all things considered brilliant. No question i do love to race and chase and grind opponents into the ground :-).
A quick post race Dogbolter (one of their special brews) and a bit of a chat, and the hip was stiffening up, ordinary run home but still my running appears to be heading the right way now.
Post lunch run tomorrow as the removalists are meant to be here at 11 and i have the physio at 6, just hope my body survives a sleep on an air matress in the sleeping bag tomorrow night.

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