Tuesday, 6 November 2007

The Melbourne Cup - A Staying test for me

I'm sure anyone who has stumbled upon this blog and has no idea about who i am would be convinced i'm nuts i keep on talking about injuries but then go and do 15 odd K runs.
Today being Cup day, i thought i should have a longer run (my very own staying test).
Didn't run on Sunday as with constant rain (now that was a shock), just didn't want to do anything more to the everpresent cold, but did eventually walk 10K's that evening once the weather cleared.
Yesterday i did a slightly longer variation of the 15K run (doing 5:47 minute K's), and then walked 8K's to the physio. Certainly he found some very sore points (i knew my neck was sore), but like me was happy that my knee was only sore the first 5K's then clears up - reckoned that was a good sign.
Bit cold early on, so didn't start till 11, and by then the beach was starting to get busy with picnickers for Cup Day.
Sunny at times (had the T Shirt off and on a few times), did my standard run to Black Rock but knew i'd be pushing it to make it back the same way so shortcut up Bluff Road (remember i never run with money or drink only house keys).
Eventually 2 hours and 36 minutes later i made it home, still frustratingly slow (5:37 Minutes per K), and the left knee and back feeling it a bit, was rapt the right knee niggle only lasted the first few K's.
Doubt i'll be running that far tomorrow, but would like to think i'm capable of another 15K or so.

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