Friday, 9 November 2007

Paying for it today

Come Thursday and my body seemed to recover from my shocker, so did a nice little run that i've done heaps of times (variations of it for at least 30 years as used to do it when going to school).
Not sure of exact time but ended up close to 5 minute K's way happier.
Got back in time to walk to Physio appointment and he was very happy how i was progessing, however then decided to go for a walk, first a haircut (another week and i could have gone to my regular Palm Beach barber but my shaggy hair was driving me nuts !!), then walked eventually made it to Footscray Rd.
Hate to think just how long it is since i've been there, i do remember walking from Footscray Football Ground to home in Glen Waverley somewhere in the late 80's !!, but reckon the only time i was familiar with it was when i was a kid and used to go with my father on the push bike on a Sunday arvo.
Have to admit dad would have loved the new bike paths etc, never got near the road until i hit Footscray. $4.80 for a large sweet and sour pork now there's a bargain for lunch and was needing it by then.
Saw all the helicopters over head so thought i may as well head to Flemington (Oaks Day), did see the actual race in the distance and thought for probably the last time i may as well do a lap of the course. With the races on that lap was going to be a lap of the roads around (ie Epsom Rd Lang Pde, Fisher Pde etc), still you did get a feeling of the atmosphere (maybe that was just walking past the bar nearest the Maribyrnong river ??? - think a few fillies won't remember much of Oaks Day !).
Typically an ice cream at McDonalds Flemington and then a wander home through the City, bit of entertainment at the Crown Casino Melbourne Cup Live site (no idea of the band but they did appreciate that i at least made an effort on the dancefloor) and a wander home, pretty much a Marathon !!!
Certainly feeling it today so taking it easy, almost feel i could have walked GNW but probably better i didn't, big question can i do that 15's at similar pace tomorrow, only time will tell.

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