Sunday, 17 August 2008

Trans Gaule Day 4: Winner does 5:23:43 to consolidate overall lead whilst i spend last half leaning left when sciatic nerve pain kicks in! Finally 20th in 7:45:48 (and drops me to 19th overall), i guess what doesnt kill you makes stronger so im still

After a massage, good feed & great sleep on the biggest gym mat i
could find things were looking up this morning but i still wanted to
ease back. Changed to the New Balance 901s as they are wider & managed
to rub callus on inside of left foot. Cool & same all day removing
coat @ 40K & replacing with moeben sleeves & keeping gloves & bandana
on all day. My moment of anguish came 35k, road camber was just too
much & suddenly familiar sciatic pain. Ended up following the Swedish
army team eventually overtaking

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Tesso said...

Good to hear you don't let a little thing like pain stop you. Hope tomorrow proves to be a better day.