Sunday, 3 August 2008

Necks Please

Drove to Castro Valley (near Oakland) yesterday, one problem about an hour in i simply turned my neck and it didn't want to turn back. Essentially spent the remaining 300 miles with a bent neck and in pain, not exactly ideal. I do have a history of neck problems (Pre Trans Gaule 2006, Pre a couple of Glasshouse races and a few other times over the years), and if back home i'd simply go to the chiro and he'd take about 2 minutes to fix me, unfortunately i don't have that option here and anti inflammatories and self massage of the upper back is my only course of action. A little worried about what it means regarding France but i still have over week before it happens so i think i'll let time heal. I get the feeling that the stress of the last couple of days had taken it's toll and my muscles were simply tense however knowing my body like i do can't see it me affecting me in the long run. Off for a slow run on part of the course now.

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