Sunday, 24 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008: Day 11: short update just hope i have the energy to post tomorrow after long stage with early start! Just sent now after running 8:05 for the long day as unable to maintain 3g connection day 12 to follow after shower & food (2:30 he

Short update as keep losing 3G connection. 12th in 4:49:58 as Rene
sets another course record (3:43). Short day through beautiful scenery
suited me fine, possibly set out a little fast wanted to finish in the
morning, cool & foggy early meant i took 40k to warm hands but
sporadic sun was lovely. As usual a rousing welcome from the locals,
was probably averaging 12KPH when running but backed off a bit &
walked uphills at times as the body seemed unused to that speed after
the last 10 days.

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