Thursday, 7 August 2008

Back on track ???

Returned my hire car yesterday, at the incredibly expensive rate for an extra 4 days was much cheaper to get another one or maybe just go carless ??. Decided it was probably a good day to make it to downtown LA so walked from the AVIS lot at LAX to Hawthorne Boulevarde (yeah i know i'm becoming too local actually have a fair idea of where everything is, except when i'm on a freeway !!) and caught the bus to Union Station. Have to admit at $1.25 per journey (or $5 for an all day pass), it's not bad value certainly some of the various Aussie metro transit systems could learn a thing or two !!. Quite a long trip (45 minutes) and then bit of a walk around, firstly into the Mexican District, then Chinatown, then the Historic Old District Theatre district, and over Bunker Hill to the financial district.
Anyone knowing me knows i'm way more into natural beauty and wilderness experiences than buildings but still found some interesting places, but really once is enough for me. Went down Wilshire Boulevarde and found some more historic buildings that were of more known to me and ultimately made my way all the way to La Brea Ave (home of the famous tar pits), knowing that this actually became Hawthorne later decided i'd do a bit of training and walk home (or at least till dark, wasn't quite convinced of the "savouriness" of some of the neighbourhoods after dark).
First thing i discovered was the tar pits must have been further north? towards Hollywood !!, still at least i had footpaths, well that was until Baldwin Hills !, by now it was peak hour and walking on the road facing traffic whilst i went over hills was interesting to say the least (shades of Deutschlandlauf B Roads facing massive double semi trailers !). Finally made it to the summit and i could see LAX still far ahead, but at least now footpaths. Eventually made it to Inglewood (near Hollywood Park) where my journey had begun and had an idea i was still 10 Miles away, by then really couldn't resist walking the rest (lots of car yards and strip clubs probably not the tourist route :-) ), ultimately made it to Rosencrans Ave knew it all pretty easily from there although really not sure of actual distance covered (6 hour walk home as well as 3 hours in Downtown LA), surely good training for being on my feet for hours in France.
Found myself a nearby chiropractor today and things are looking up.

Update: 1:30PM, just had Lufthansa contact me and now i've got a US Airways flight at 11AM on the 9th instead of 4:25PM, truly part of me really just wants to get out of this city and make it to France !!
Update: 7th August: 1:30PM
I've now got a flight tomorrow morning on US Airways (they are taking many of the Lufthansa passengers), at least now i'll be in France on the 10th, so now i can go off tonight and enjoy some live music and then an early start tomorrow with an 11AM flight.

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