Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The rain in France falls mainly where i am!

This entry is typed from a bus shelter outside Roscoff as i wait for pouring rain to end. Enjoyed my couple of days in Paris and this time got to Sacre Couer which gives an incredible view of the city. No matter what impression i give in the blog i really like this city but the foreign language, the fickle weather and the fact that smoking appears to be the national pastime means i will always only ever be a tourist here never feeling quite at home(ie i could easily be a Californian but never a Parisian). Anyway enough of my musings, seeing that most of the race part of this blog will be via phone ill hqve to learn to be short and to the point.
Reached Roscoff yesterday and it was bit of a homecoming with many familiar faces, Race Organiser JB, and from Deutschlandlauf the English speaking group of Hiroko and Trond as well as some other runners well known to me. Anyway tomorrow at 8:30 the race begins, weather forecast is not great (14 to 15) http://www.meteofrance.com/FR/mameteo/prevVille.jsp?LIEUID=FR29239 and rain so im probably going to go out easy particularly still with lingering neck problems. Certainly a very good field this year with various TG and DL winners so i know i cant afford to take it too easy too long but also know there is no point going to hard early and then falling to pieces (part of me really wishes id spent one extra day in Hermosa Beach for one more treatment on my neck however considering my strange sleep patterns since arriving im really thankful i made it when i did).
If i remember correctly will only have real internet access 4 days of the race so will be relying on short posts from phone (assuming G coverage).

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Jaykay said...

Good luck Kelvin.

I'm sure you're going to kick arse this year!