Monday, 18 August 2008

Trans Gaule 2008 day 5: As race leader sets record time for 70.4KM stage i stagger along 21st place in 8:20:21 but it couldve been so much worse. Tomorrow real internet if place still exists & a better report!

After a massage last night felt as though back was runnable but knew
it was a case of how long till yesterdays horrors revisited me. 10K
was the total (better than i hoped) but it was looking like a long
walk. Was passed by English Karl & that fired me a little ended up
having long run & chat, by 25k id caught up with Swiss Christian & ran
together for 20ks (he speaks good English. I then had to back off (so
slow i ran out of water). At 55k took off coat, bandanna & gloves &
finally got going passing both.

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